When it comes to temperature-controlled logistics, businesses are increasingly looking for new and innovative ways to make resource and cost savings while increasing productivity and efficiency. When it comes to temperature-controlled vehicles, there are several things that can make all the difference to your business, particularly if you rely on them as part of your day to day business operations. Due to growing demand, there are more refrigerated vehicles on the road than ever before, with the increase in online shopping, home deliveries and more people shielding at home. There are lots of ways that you can improve efficiency in terms of your temperature-controlled vehicle such as:

  • Vehicle Payload

When it comes to refrigerated or temperature-controlled vehicles, something that should be given consideration is the payload. This is a term used to describe the legal weight limit for your vehicle when it is filled with refrigerated products. The payload of a vehicle will have a direct impact on its fuel efficiency too. Heavier vehicles will need more fuel to reach the required speed, so it’s always recommended that you save on vehicle weight wherever possible. While it’s not always practicable, there are always ways that you can reduce the number of tools or equipment carried in the vehicle. Lightweight transport is key, both maximising vehicle capacity so you can store as much as possible, reducing the carbon footprint of the vehicle while keeping the payload as low as possible.

  • Economical Driving

Another way to boost efficiency in your business is to make sure that your vehicles are being used in the most efficient way. Effective planning in advance can really make all the difference to the fuel economy of temperature controlled vehicles. Tactics such as gradual braking and smooth acceleration on route can make all the difference, particularly if vehicles are used on long journeys.

  • Energy-Efficient Vehicles

There are many different solutions that can be added to vehicles to help them maximise their energy efficiency. One of these is the installation of an invisible curtain in refrigerated vehicles which are suitable for use in a variety of different industries which require temperature-sensitive produce to be distributed. They work really well to contain cold air within the load space. They are also lightweight too reducing the impact on fuel consumption and increasing the efficiency of the temperature-controlled vehicle.

  • Regular Servicing

Vehicles in the cold supply chain must be regularly serviced which can significantly improve their efficiency and fuel consumption. Fleet maintenance schedules are so important. When vehicles are checked regularly, this saves significant costs over the long term. These checks will include tyres, making sure that they are properly inflated, the engine and components in the refrigerated units to make sure that everything is operating as it should.

An efficient supply chain will minimise the time it takes to transport temperature-controlled vehicles, focuses on customer service, achieving cost savings and maintaining the quality of produce that is transported. Small changes can make a big difference when it comes to efficiencies in the cold chain.

  • Identifying Hotspots

There may be certain areas where hotspots can develop. These are small pockets or areas where temperatures may move beyond the acceptable limits. This is where real-time tracking can help identify any deviations in temperature which allows the driver to immediately prevent damage to the entire load. Efficiencies are saved because the whole cargo doesn’t need to be discarded which may be the case without temperature logging equipment.

  • Reduce Transport Costs

With things changing rapidly in the world in 2020, businesses are increasingly looking for new ways to reduce costs and make savings in many different areas. With active tracking and temperature monitoring as well as real-time alerts can protect the integrity of products and significantly reduce transport costs.

  • Customer Loyalty

In the cold chain, things can get busy, particularly when demand for fresh products is high. Making deliveries that are both time and temperature-sensitive can be challenging, complex and stressful for business owners. The use of a temperature-controlled logistics firm who specialise in cold chain distribution will increase customer loyalty to your company and enhance your business reputation at the same time.

Temperature controlled logistics aim to make your business run as effortlessly and efficiently as possible, delivering your products to where they need to be at the right time. Consignments are collected directly from your business and then delivered in ambient, chilled or frozen storage compartments to the required destination.

When it comes to temperature control, your business needs to offer the very best to your customers. Your reputation is on the line. ICEOTemp have been working with businesses across many different industries from pharmaceuticals to florists and food distributors for a number of years. We can help you improve your organisational efficiency, save resources and reduce wastage from spoilt products that have been distributed at the wrong temperature.

If you would like to find out more about the temperature-controlled logistics that we offer, please contact our team and we will be happy to talk through your options and provide further details.