Temperature-controlled storage is a vital step to your business logistics. It helps to minimise the risk of damage to your company reputation while reducing the risk of spoiling and improving the experience for your end-user. Particularly with foods, storing products at the right temperature prevents the growth of potentially harmful microbes. This blog will look at how you can control and minimise this growth through appropriate storage.


For cooked products that need to be packaged and transported to the end-user, pre-cooling is a critical step. During this process, heat is removed from perishable foods which improve the shelf-life and minimises microbial growth. This is a necessary step for the manufacturer and one that should be taken into account when planning logistics. When taking into account the pre-cooling process, an experienced temperature-controlled logistics team, such as Iceotemp, can help ensure your process is airtight.


Another way to preserve the quality of food and extend its shelf life is through appropriate packaging. The purpose of most packaging is to provide a physical barrier that prevents the product from exposure to microorganisms, external odours and contaminants. Factors such as oxygen and light contribute to oxidation which can discolour meats while cardboard containers help to maintain a product’s shape. When dealing with temperature-controlled goods, packaging options using foil bubble bags and lined boxes, polystyrene boxed and insulated carry bags are all designed to maintain your required temperature.


Finally, considering the most appropriate storage location keeps your end product in pristine condition in the interim between production and distribution. Temperature-controlled storage utilises specialist technology to maintain a constant temperature in a given storage unit. This prevents the growth of microbes on foods, keeping products edible for longer. Additional climate-control systems can also be put in place to regulate humidity, where required. Here at Iceotemp, our temperature-controlled storage facility can be adjusted to suit ambient, chilled and frozen foods from anywhere between a few hours to overnight.

Each step above should fall into your temperature-controlled logistics plan in order to ensure the end product is exactly as required. The team here at Iceotemp have the experience and knowledge required to help you create a process that works. Our focus on exceptional service minimises the risk of spoiling at all times.

If you need further advice on how to minimise microbial growth through temperature-controlled logistics, get in contact with our team here today.