2020 is a year like no other and as businesses are looking for ways to become more cost-effective, every little really does help. When it comes to temperature-controlled vehicles, efficiency is really important. Small changes can make a huge difference. We know how to manage energy efficiency in our vehicles so we can pass these cost savings onto our customers in our delivery services. With the introduction of the Covid-19 vaccine which is temperature sensitive and growing demand for food delivery vehicles, there are more refrigerated vehicles needed than ever before. So how do we keep our vehicles as efficient as possible?

Good Driving Practices

One of the easiest and most effective ways is to drive economically. This will have a significant impact on the use of fuel for the refrigerated vehicle. Making sure we leave plenty of time for journeys, all of our drivers ensure that they accelerate smoothly and brake gradually which can make a huge difference on the use of fuel, particularly when we are making longer journeys.

Energy Saving Vehicle Equipment

We do take steps to reduce the impact on the environment with our vehicles. One of the ways that refrigerated vehicles, in particular, can be more energy efficient includes the use of technology rather than PVC strip curtains inside of vehicles. The latest technologies such as invisible curtains are ideal for refrigerated vehicles, and it works to contain cold air within the storage space. It’s also lightweight too, reducing the load of the vehicle which contributes to fuel efficiency and economy.


You may have heard the term payload, but if you haven’t it refers to the legal weight limit in a temperature-controlled vehicle. The payload has a direct impact on fuel efficiency, with heavier vehicles needing more energy to get up to the required speed. It’s, therefore, more effective to make the vehicle as lightweight as possible while ensuring that each delivery load is filled efficiently.

Fuel Efficiency

As well as the things that we have outlined above, there are also other methods that you can use to increase fuel efficiency. One of these includes the regular servicing of the vehicle. All of our vehicles are serviced frequently to make sure that they are operating as efficiently as possible. Regular fleet maintenance is crucial to keep the logistical aspects of the business running smoothly.

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