How detrimental is spoiled medicine for your business?

If your company sits within the pharmaceutical or medical industries, spoiled medicine is one of the most significant hazards you can encounter. Not only can it have a large financial implication, but it also impacts the health of your customers. With businesses up against strong competition, it is vital that your reputation stays sparkling clean. In this blog, we’ll look at how significantly spoiled medicine can impact your corporate reputation.

People’s Trust

Within the medical world, customers and patients are expected to put their trust in professionals. With an endless stream of jargon and testing behind the scenes, we need to trust that the advice and recommendations given are done so to our best interests. Whenever someone visits a Doctor or Pharmacist, they rely on the person’s integrity, honesty and dedication to their job. And they believe that any medicine subscribed are the best ones for the job.

Therefore, it is important to have medicines on-hand that are of the best quality. Spoiled products that have not been stored appropriately have the potential to cause more harm than good. Exposure to the wrong temperatures can break down medicines, making them less effective and potentially toxic. Your responsibility is to maintain people’s trust by supplying products that work as they’re supposed to.

Financial Implications

Medicines are designed and developed at very high costs. They take a great degree of research and testing before being approved for general sale. Deliveries of spoiled goods – particularly those that are late or stored at incorrect temperatures – will need to be disposed of at a cost to the manufacturer and client. If this happens on a regular basis, it can cause you to lose out financially.

Lost Business

If you’re a business that supplies medicines and pharmaceutical resources, it’s important that your client relationships stay strong. If a shipment is deemed unsuitable, it will be you who foots the responsibility. Equally, if deliveries keep arriving in sub-par conditions, clients may opt to go elsewhere for their business. It goes without saying that this could have seriously detrimental implications for the growth of your brand and it’s future.

Avoiding Spoiled Medicine Deliveries

The most reliable way to avoid these incidents happening is to ensure you and your logistics partner work in unison. Choose a business that understands the legal requirements of transporting medicines – specifically those around correct storage. This puts in place a feeling of security that shipments will be cared for suitably once they leave your care.

Iceotemp have grown our business over the years with a strong reputation and portfolio of well-established clients. We understand the importance of appropriately packaged, shipped and stored medicines and pharmaceutical resources. If you have any questions about avoiding spoiled medicines, get in touch today so we can help you establish a workable partnership for your needs.