So you’ve got a product on hand that needs to stay at a specific temperature. And, it needs to be with your customer in a matter of hours or days, while still offering the same high-quality. What you need to know is how to ship this product safely and in the optimal conditions. This blog post will explain exactly how to do that, using the expertise of a temperature-controlled distribution company.

What products require temperature-controlled shipping?

From foods through to pharmaceutical medicines, there are a whole host of products that require this service. Primarily, if a product is likely to become spoiled or start to deteriorate in varying temperatures, it needs to be treated with care. Some examples of these products include:

  • Medicines such as insulin or liquid antibiotics
  • Flowers
  • Chocolates
  • Fresh meat

Shipping temperature-sensitive products – how to</3>

The best thing your business can do in this instance is to choose a reliable temperature-controlled distribution company. The teams here will take care of all the logistical issues and be on hand to offer advice. Before the product gets to them, however, there are a few points to consider:

  • Packaging – The materials you use to packaged your products are vital when it comes to temperature control. There are a number of temperature-controlled packaging options out there which rely on cool packs, gel packs or dry ice to keep a lower temperature. Alongside this, materials such as foil bubble bags, foil-lined boxes, polystyrene boxes and insulated carry bags allow you to ship specific products at the desired temperature for extended periods.
  • Shipping load – If you pack large quantities of the same product together, there is an increased chance this may impact the temperature. Consider packing them individually to insulate. Equally, there are temperature-controlled containers that can be fixed to pallets for larger shipments.
  • Health and Safety – Many products need to be kept at a specified temperature to maintain safety for the end-user. You need to properly understand the risk of issues such as severe frostbite or contamination from the carbon dioxide emitted by dry ice.

Put your trust in a respectable temperature-controlled distribution company and let ICEOTemp take care of your more time-sensitive shipments. We have over 10 years of experience supporting businesses all over the UK. Our advanced technology vans and specialist drivers are on hand throughout every shipment to ensure it reaches the end client in the best possible condition.

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