As a business owner in the foodservice industry, your business should live by hygiene and food safety standards. While there are set practices and routines that you can follow in a physical kitchen or food preparation area, it becomes a little more difficult when you need to transport food products from one place to another, and particularly when these items are perishable and they need to be transported in temperature-controlled vehicles.

During transportation, food can be exposed to a range of physical hazards and microbiological risks either from the environment or cross-contamination. Poor cleaning and maintenance of vehicles can result in chemical hazards too. Procedures should be implemented to reduce or where possible eliminate the risk of these hazards which could present a risk to customers.

Businesses should have in place procedures to keep their vehicles safe by:

  • Implementing strategies and schedules to maintain and clean temperature-controlled vehicles.
  • Delivering adequate training and instruction to educate staff on good hygiene.
  • Defining clear instructions for the transportation of temperature-controlled goods.
  • Ensuring that food containers are not used for non-food products Ensuring that food products are sufficiently separated.
  • Protocols are in place to monitor the condition of transport and to take action when needed.

Before each delivery is made, checks should be made of the vehicle to verify the integrity of the interior and ensure that it meets the required temperature, quality and cleanliness standards. All vehicles should be free from foreign matter, pests and odours.

Iceotemp is extensively experienced in the distribution of perishable products. With our vans they comply with the strictest safety, hygiene and maintenance standards and our staff are thoroughly trained in all aspects of handling and distributing food products.

Iceotemp takes many different steps to make sure that the vehicles meet the highest standards and featuring dual evaporators they can maintain the ideal frozen and chilled temperatures to deliver food to its destination in pristine condition.