Transporting your chilled and frozen goods can seem like a hassle you do not want to face especially if you have time restraints or the wrong equipment to transport it. Well, we have good news, you don’t have to. Instead, you can pass your transport needs over to our experienced staff at Iceotemp temperature controlled distribution.

At Iceotemp, we understand the importance of packaging, storing and delivering your chilled and frozen goods to a specified location in the same condition as they left. We also understand that your chilled and frozen products need to stay at a specific temperature in order to retain the quality of the food.

To reinforce our expertise, we thought we would discuss everything you should know about temperature controlled distribution.

Specially designed vehicles

Our specially designed vehicles are the coolest vehicles around. All the vehicles at Iceotemp have been designed especially for the transportation of temperature controlled products. These vehicles have been converted to the highest standards and have dual evaporators to maintain the appropriate temperature.

We have different sized vehicles to accommodate different frozen food loads.

The benefit of these vehicles is that your food will remain high-quality throughout the duration of their journey as they will be kept at the appropriate temperature.


With extensive experience, we know how we should package and store your products in our vehicles. We are always cautious and will make sure your fresh goods are kept at the right temperature. Your food will be kept at the right temperature according to the food and safety guidelines.

This also means your goods will not turn up with wet packaging, or packaging that is falling apart, as we will keep your food at around 41 degrees, which is the correct temperature to keep it.

Small, medium and large

We understand that not everyone will order the same amount of products, and we do like to stock our vehicles up with products that are destined for the same area. That is why we have different sized vans at our disposable, so no matter how much you order, we can deliver the goods.

Our van sizes include a small van with a capacity of 300 KGS, a medium van with a capacity of 500 KGS, a large van with a capacity of 1000 KGS and a 7.5T truck with a capacity of 2500 KGS. With so many vans available, we have your order covered, no matter the size.

Same day delivery

With over a decade of experience, we understand the importance of timings. Whether you need the frozen food for a specific event or important occasion, we are on hand to deliver the chilled or frozen food on the day that you request it.

Not only will you receive it on the same day, but it will also be delivered to your door. This service is available from the South West, and your food can be picked up within 90 minutes of you making your order.

Our same-day delivery service is extremely beneficial for anyone who needs their food quickly.

Time Critical Deliveries

Don’t stress over those temperature-sensitive deliveries, instead turn to our temperature controlled distribution services as we know what to do for these types of emergencies. Our vans are very efficient and technologically advanced, as they utilise sophisticated temperature-controlling technology that will keep your products at the perfect temperature.

You come first

We understand that your life can get hectic, so the last thing you want to do is to organise an important delivery that takes into consideration time and temperature. This is where Iceotemp come into play, as we provide an exceptional experience. We offer a delivery and collection service that is tailored to your requirements.

Save time

One main thing that we feel like you should know about our temperature controlled distribution service is the benefits that it can bring you. By allowing our team of dedicated employees to deliver your food, not only will your goods stay at the right temperature, but you will not be the one driving around! That’s right; you can save time by having your goods delivered straight to your door. You can free up your schedule and still receive your goods on time.

Experienced staff

Speaking of our team of employees! With over a decade of experience under our belt, you should rest easy knowing that our experienced employees know how to handle your chilled and frozen goods in a professional manner.

Our employees have been trained in the art of temperature controlled distribution so they know how to handle your frozen goods to make sure they arrive in the condition they were packaged.

Contact us

If you still have questions or queries about this blog post, you can contact a member of our team today. We are always happy to help and we can always provide more information about our temperature controlled distribution service.