If you are looking to transport ambient, chilled and frozen goods around the UK, you might be thinking ‘why do I need ICEOTEMP to help?’ Well, we are here to answer this popular question, with three benefits of ICEOTEMP transporting your frozen goods.

Of course, there are more than just three benefits, but no-one has time to read so many advantages, so we have narrowed it down significantly.

  1. Free up your time

We will start off our list with the benefit everyone loves, free time. If you are planning a promotional event, need catering solutions for food services or need boxes and pallets for aerospace, chances are you will already have your plate full. ICEOTEMP takes a chore off of your to-do list and delivers your ambient, chilled or frozen goods in a timely manner.

This is one task you will not have to do, which will free up your time which will allow you to focus on other important tasks.

  1. Short term notice

Next up is the fact that you can order with short term notice. Not everything can be planned, unfortunately, which means important events can go under the radar. ICEOTEMP is on hand to help you with this by delivering temperature-controlled goods to you, the very same day.

We have same-day express delivery, which means deliveries can be made anywhere in the UK. If you have forgotten about an important event, we have you covered and can deliver the goods you need.

  1. The right vehicle

Unfortunately, frozen goods cannot be delivered by just any vehicle. The benefit of ICEOTEMP delivering your frozen goods is that we use temperature-controlled vehicles and refrigerated transport. Our vehicles have been converted to the highest standard, which means they have dual evaporators to maintain accurately chilled and frozen temperatures.

This also means your frozen goods will remain in the same condition they were picked up in and they will not spoil. We also have different sized vehicles that will transport a large number of goods if needs be.

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