From wedding tasting events with a loving couple through to competition events across the UK, transporting your goods quickly and efficiently is the only way to ensure each flavour stays rich. For many food items, correct temperature control is the only way to ensure each bite tastes as delicious as it did when it first came out of the cooker. Here at ICEOTEMP, we have a wide range of chilled couriers and refrigerated transport vans to help get your goods to the tasting event in no time at all.

Speed is everything and we understand the importance of making sure your food is as fresh as possible. That’s why we operate a 24/7 National emergency service for when time has gotten away from you. We deliver across the UK, alongside a daily courier service from the South West to London, Manchester and Leeds.

Our helpful couriers will advise on the correct temperature-controlled vehicle for your needs. They can collect the goods directly from your home address or, if more suitable, you can deliver the items directly to our Somerset depot. We understand the importance of time and offer a time-specific delivery service that allows you to plan the arrival of your goods. No matter if you’re working with parcels or pallets, our vans provide ample space to keep items like cakes, hors d’oeuvres and other decorative items stay pristine at all times.

Tasting events are normally your businesses time to show off true skills and impress potential customers. The need to have your food samples delivered and edible in a short period of time is at the forefront of our vision here at ICEOTEMP. If you find that something has been left behind or an imaginative idea pops up after your delivery has been collected, our Sameday Express Service could be the most suitable option. Here, we can normally collect your item within 90 minutes and have it on its way to your destination in no time.

Frozen and fresh food are our specialities and we have worked over the years to perfect the equipment that we use. From ambient or chilled through to frozen delivers, we’ll help your experience run as smoothly as possible with our delivery/collection service.

Contact us today for more information and to find out how our temperature-controlled distribution vehicles can help you impress every potential customer today.