When it comes to transporting fresh produce, it is so important that the quality of the products is maintained throughout the entire journey, from the moment they are packed to the second they arrive at their destination. Incorrect transportation techniques such as not using a temperature-controlled vehicle for example can have disastrous consequences for your business and your customers.

If you work in a food services business, it is important that you check foods upon delivery to ensure that they have been transported properly. But how can you tell that they haven’t been transported in the correct manner?

#1 Correct Temperature

One of the most obvious checks that you can do to determine whether the fresh goods have been transported in the correct way is to check the temperature upon receipt. If the produce is supposed to be kept cold, it should be around 41 degrees Fahrenheit. If the food isn’t at the right temperature under the recommended food safety guidelines, you are entitled to reject it.

#2 Packaging

When fresh produce isn’t transported in the correct way the packaging will suffer. For example, it may be falling apart, or it could be wet if the contents inside should be frozen and they have defrosted during transit.

#3 Delivery Vehicle

If you are responsible for processing deliveries and you meet the delivery driver, is the truck cold enough inside and is it clean? Any of these could potentially be signs that your fresh produce hasn’t been transported in the correct manner.

#4 Food Quality

When you receive food, it should be fresh and of the quality that you expect. Food stored at the incorrect temperature can be mouldy, of poor quality and its smell, and appearance may not be as expected. Any food like this should be immediately discarded or rejected at the point of delivery.

Food safety regulations are in place for a reason. Good practice would suggest that you implement a strong food safety strategy for your business and ensure that there are checks in place to ensure that fresh foods are transported properly in the correct temperature controlled vehicle. Standards are designed to keep consumers safe and prevent contamination and at-risk foods from spoiling. It is crucial as a delivery company or food services provider you ensure that your fresh produce is transported in the most suitable way and checked properly upon arrival to make sure it meets current standards.