When storing products, it is essential that they are kept at the right temperature, not only for chilled and frozen produce but also products that need to be kept at an ambient temperature. As well as providing temperature control for the chilled and frozen sector, we also cater to businesses requiring the use of ambient temperatures in their delivery vehicle.

When you have a product that must be stored at an ambient temperature, this essentially means that it must be maintained at room temperature. Typically, room temperature will fall anywhere between 15°c and 25°c. Products that must be kept in this range are those which usually have a lengthy shelf life and include tinned foods, fruit juices and pasteurised milk as they can be stored safely for long periods of time. Fresh milk often needs storage in a chilled area while processed milk can be stored at room temperature.

Chilled storage on the other hand demands quite a different environment. Any food that is ‘chilled’ must be stored at a temperature below 8°c. Food that must be stored at this temperature should always be chilled properly to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

There is a key difference between ambient and chilled food storage. The main differentiator is the temperature, and this is very important, particularly when transporting goods from one place to another. If the produce is not stored at the right temperature, this can encourage the growth of bacteria which can deem a food unsafe for human consumption. To keep the temperature under control, even with foods that need to be transported in ambient conditions, regular temperature checks and frequent audits should be undertaken.

The temperature can be influenced by many different factors including the weather, the quality of your vehicle’s insulation, what is inside and the cooling systems that you use.

The right temperature control equipment inside your vehicle can manage all of these influences, particularly if the products in your vehicle need to be kept at an ambient temperature. The sensors can carefully monitor the atmosphere and keep track of temperatures throughout the journey, making sure that they do not stray into the danger zone. These sensors can be linked to alarms which can send alerts when there is a fluctuation in temperature.

When you need to transport goods, it’s crucial that products distributed arrive at the required destination in the same quality that they were left in. With some types of transport, maintaining freshness or product quality on a long journey can be difficult, but with a temperature-controlled vehicle, you never need to worry. The produce that you have in your vehicle will be kept at the right, ambient temperature for as long as you need.